Common Phrases: Korean Terminology

27 10 2009

ye ————— yes (also “ne”)
anio ————— no
kahm sa hamnida ————— thank you
komap sumnida ————— less formal form of “thank you”
cheon maeneyo ————– you’re welcome (literally “Don’t mention it!”)
cheuk ka hamnida ————— congratulations!
ahnyong hasimnika —— How are you? (literally “Are you well?” )
ahnyong hasayo ———– less formal form of “How are you?”
yoboseyo ——————- hello (used on the phone )
ahnyonghee gasipsiyo ———— good-bye (to the person who is leaving)
ahnyonghee gyesipsiyo ———– good-bye (to the person who is staying)
ahnyonghee gasayo ———– less formal form of “good-bye”
ahnyonghee gyesayo ——————- less formal form of “good-bye”
pangap seumnida ——————- Pleased to meet you!
toh poepkeseoyo ——————- See you later!
eoseo osayo ——————- Welcome!
choesong hamnida ——————- I’m sorry
mian hamnida ——————- less formal form of “I’m sorry!”
shillye hamnida ———- Excuse me!
kwaen chanayo ——————- That’s all right
ahlge seoyo ——————- I understand
moreuge seoyo ——————- I don’t understand
chaemi isseoyo ——————- It is fun (or interesting)!




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5 03 2010

wahh bagus, itung2 kalo mau jadi pelatih hrs hapal y..

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